Sunday, February 7, 2016

12/2016 - Fringey Festivities Part 2

Another day, another Spiegeltent... or two! My actual birthday on Thursday was a totally perfect day - started with a stunning early morning beach walk followed by scrumptious brunch with Mum and Dad, naps in the afternoon and not one but two fringe shows in the evening. First up was LIMBO - another circus/cabaret/acrobatic type show, but so different to La Soiree! Both were amazing, but with music specially composed for the show and performed on stage, this felt much more choreographed (which was all really cool). I was also impressed with the versatility of the performers - from playing instruments/singing to acrobatics to dancing and sword/fire swallowing, the same 6 performers did almost everything. Oh to be so multi talented! (and again the boys weren't rough on the eyes...)

The second show of the night was Frisky and Mannish, a British comedy musical cabaret act. I saw these guys a few years back and really enjoyed the way they dissect and play around with pop songs to turn them into something different. A super fun way to end off the day!


  1. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Aimee!! Sounds as though you had a great day!! I love your captures for the day, as always -- so colorful and fun!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a great new week! Enjoy!!

  2. Quite a great way to spend your birthday, Aimee!

  3. Sounds as if your birthday celebrations were winners.Love the idea of the night entertainment you attended.

  4. Great images and memories of your birthday.
    Happy B-Day.
    Kisses . . .

  5. You do know how to celebrate, Aimee!